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Discover Microsoft SharePoint's capabilities and features
as a document management system

Microsoft SharePoint is the ideal platform for creating and managing intranet solutions that support office and remote-based staff. And no matter the size of your organisation, Akita is the ideal partner to work with on your SharePoint project.

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and experienced in delivering SharePoint solutions for organisations ranging from SMEs to some of the UK’s largest companies and institutions.

So whether you’re after a traditional intranet, a company-wide storage platform or a custom Sharepoint communication site, we’re always happy to discuss requirements. So to discuss what you need with our expert consultants, please get in touch.

What Is An Intranet?

An intranet can be thought of as an internal-facing website. Alongside storing files (in a document management system configuration), an intranet can be used as a central location for all information relating to an organisation’s operations –  from template documents to staff shift patterns.

Intranets can be configured to publish news, updates or information that staff may need to be aware of, but that may not necessarily need to be public knowledge.

An intranet can also be a means of communicating company culture and wider values beyond work matters – the latest charity work or sustainability goals, for example.

Enhancing Internal Communication

Intranets are an effective tool for communicating internal information across a company, particularly if the workforce is spread across multiple locations.

Setting up a SharePoint communication site as part of a wider intranet setup can be the ideal way to share key company announcements, policies, and employee notices. Organisations can communicate in a variety of formats (news pages, links, images and videos) to get their message across, unlike emails which are often missed. And SharePoint can also become the home of workplace calendars, holiday booking forms and resource scheduling tool.

To discuss the benefits of SharePoint intranet and communication sites, please get in touch

Intranets For Document Sharing

An intranet is also where resources from across the business are pooled for staff to use. By sharing files and documents an organisation can reduce duplication of effort and standardise output. This can also lead to efficiency gains.

As a document or file management solution, a Microsoft SharePoint intranet can also support collaborative working on documents, allowing employees to edit files simultaneously. This saves time and reduces the chance of multiple versions of documents being created.

SharePoint Intranet Development

Intellico is a leading SharePoint developer, creating solutions in both SharePoint Online and On-Premises that are tailored to meet organisations’ needs.

Through scoping and stakeholder engagement, we’ll determine exactly what your organisation needs to achieve with your intranet and provide suggestions as to the best way to achieve them.

Once agreed, we’ll then design and deliver your solution either upfront or in phases as per your requirements. This includes establishing access permissions for users, ensuring that staff can only access files and information relevant to their position.

Secured with Microsoft’s security, we can additionally protect access to your intranet with multi-factor authentication.

As a Microsoft Tier One partner, Akita can also provide any licences required for your SharePoint intranet. Equally, we can advise where your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licences can give you access to a SharePoint intranet already.