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Organisations with on-premise Microsoft SharePoint instance can benefit from Akita’s SharePoint hosting in multiple ways.

Hosting your SharePoint instance in our cloud environment can free up vital capacity for your server estate. It can allow your SharePoint instance to grow more easily without the constraints of needing to update in-house server capacity.

Cloud hosting also increases access to your SharePoint. It can allow home and remote workers to collaborate on files or view the latest company news posted on your intranet or document management system.

Hosting SharePoint within Akita’s cloud infrastructure also guarantees reliability. Coupled with our cloud backup service, we can provide a reliable disaster recovery solution for your SharePoint instance.

Our Hosting Service

Let Intellico migrate your on-premise SharePoint instances to our reliable cloud environment.

Our consultants will carefully review your instance to determine the best strategy, then undertake the migration at the least disruptive time for your organisation.

Akita operates our own enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure from two of the UK’s leading data centres. These data centres have the highest standards of security and disaster protection, ensuring excellent uptime and reliability.

Our cloud environment is monitored 24/7 by our infrastructure team, who will also manage your data backups to ensure they are secure and reliable should you need them.

And if you’re after wider hosted services for your organisation, our IT division can assist with this as well.