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Professional SharePoint consultants

Intellico is a leading Microsoft SharePoint consultancy, creating solutions that streamline and optimise how organisations operate.

Whether working on a new project or planning the expansion of an existing solution, let our SharePoint experts maximise the impact and potential benefits of SharePoint for your organisation through our consultancy services.

Benefits of SharePoint

With any new SharePoint project, organisations will want to maximise their return-on-investment by guaranteeing that the end product fits both project and organisational goals.

Getting a full insight into what a SharePoint project needs to deliver however can be curtailed by three factors:

  1. Lack of understanding of internal requirements
  2. Limited awareness of SharePoint’s capabilities
  3. Being part of an organisation that requires transformation

Our SharePoint consultants can provide a fully objective review of your requirements, free of office politics and role assumptions.

Our SharePoint solutions

We develop SharePoint to meet the specific organisational requirements. Some of our most common solutions include:

Each solution has the power to make significant improvements to the way you operate. So it’s often the case that organisations undertake phased developments of multiple solutions.

Our Consultancy Approach

Our scoping process begins by reviewing your organisational goals and aligning these to SharePoint’s functions. We’ll then conduct appropriate stakeholder engagement across departments and seniorities to ensure that management goals or the application are aligned to the reality of work processes for users.

Once all information has been gathered, we’ll provide you with a recommended approach that aligns the technology to organisational procedure. Then should, you wish, we can go on to develop your SharePoint instance in line with this approach.