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The Journey To Working Smarter, Not Harder

Intellico recognises that the digital transformation solutions we develop are specialist. We therefore welcome partnership opportunities from those looking to enhance their own service offerings with our Microsoft capabilities.

We also welcome referrals from those who have already worked with us and think that our services can benefit others.

Partnerships With Intellico

Partnering with Akita Intelligent Solutions can provide organisations with the opportunity to expand into digital transformation solutions and enhance their service offerings. As an experienced developer of Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Teams and Power Platform solutions, we welcome the chance to work with organisations in other industries, sectors and verticals.

Not only can we increase the services offered by our partners, but our status as both a Microsoft Gold and Tier 1 CSP partner can also enhance partners’ status within their own market places.

For every partnership, we aim to create reciprocal arrangements where both parties benefit from the other’s skills and reach.

Referrals To Intellico

Over its 10 year history, Akita Systems has always believed in building relationships that last.

We achieve this by delivering expertise and solutions on time and on budget, and with a high standard of customer service. And we believe our customers value our approach and the results we bring in terms of digitally transforming their organisations.

Finding a digital partner with Akita’s approach is not always straightforward, so we value when our customers are able to share their good experiences with others. Whether it’s another department within your organisation, or another company who you think might benefit from our services, we welcome any introduction you can make for us.

And should a relationship begin following a referral, we’ll be sure to find an appropriate way to say ‘thank you’.

Embracing Digital Transformation

With clear and exciting possibilities available with digital transformation technologies, don’t fear that it represents a sea change for your organisation. It’s simply doing what you’re already doing, just in a smarter way.
The solutions that Akita offers are designed to be accessible at all levels and to scale with you as you grow. And each solution delivers significant time and cost-efficiencies. Embracing real digital transformation, therefore, is embracing a more productive and profitable way of working.