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Every organisation needs a start point for its digital transformation

Intellico develops Microsoft solutions because we know they can deliver fantastic results for organisations at every level and price point. Microsoft solutions also work seamlessly together, meaning that scaling can take place with ease.

We can work with any existing Microsoft 365 tenant to deliver solutions. But for those organisations not currently using Microsoft solutions, we can assist them get setup.

Consultancy & Setup

The first stage for most organisations is to establish what they want to achieve.

For some, this is just the requirement to get up and running to use solutions such as Teams. For others, it’s a much deeper exploration of user access permissions, Office 365 security settings and SharePoint read/write access to support remote collaboration.

Whatever the requirements, our consultants can guide you through the possibilities available to your organisation. We can also assist you in purchasing the right Microsoft licences for what you want to achieve. We’ll then get your user licences setup and properly configured within a Microsoft 365 tenant.

Email Migration To Outlook

Outlook is a major selling point of any Microsoft 365 solution and generally considered the solution of choice for business email.

As part of any Microsoft 365 migration, Akita can also create and migrate mailboxes for your users. We’ll configure Outlook to your requirements and user profiles, then undertake an email migration from your current platform so all your previous communications are available.

We can even provide you with solutions to manage your email stationary across your organisation, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance.

Training & Planning A Roadmap

Once your tenant and chosen solutions are deployed and up and running, our consultants can provide training that demonstrates features and supports user adoption.

From here, we can then look at how you might further develop in the future: could your organisation benefit from an internal communications solution? Would a customer service CRM solution allow you to scale as your organisation grows?

Planning digital transformation goals can allow you to break requirements into smaller milestones that present less of a seismic change within an organisation and allow for better measurement of ROI.