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Digital Transformation For
Manufacturing And Industrial

Track and take control of every aspect of your business workflow, with a Microsoft Dynamics solution for manufacturing or industry.

Technology is a key differentiator in the success of businesses in manufacturing or industry.

Every business owner will know the benefits of adopting solutions such as a manufacturing ERP system, but not necessarily the route to success.

Dynamics 365 Solutions For Manufacturing & Industrial

Digitally transforming a manufacturing business to become competitive requires multiple areas of improvement to happen simultaneously:

  • Operations need to be optimised
  • Products need to be improved or transformed to fit a digital model
  • Employees need to be empowered with solutions that make their jobs easier
  • Customers need to be engaged to increase sales and sustain improvements

Equally, there are challenges in achieving these goals: a lack of internal knowledge or resources, establishing a business case and cost-vs-return timeframe are all important considerations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the ideal solution for delivering business and digital transformation because it can address all areas for improvement simultaneously.

It can also be delivered in a cost-effective way with measurable ROI and is intuitive for staff to learn. What’s more, there are already hundreds of case studies where it’s been a success.

Power Apps For Manufacturing And Industrial

Along with deploying your manufacturing ERP system, Akita can support user adoption with ongoing training and support.

We can then further optimise processes by creating custom PowerApps solutionsthat link to Business Central and Dynamics 365.

Complex workflows can then be simplified and completed from within intuitive apps, accessed by workers using devices and tablets on your production floor and remotely.

Manufacturing ERP Solution In Business Central

A Business Central manufacturing ERP system can track every stage of your sales, production and invoicing cycle. It can generate accurate predictions of cost and potential revenue, as well as predict peaks and troughs in demand so you can deploy resources as necessary.

Specific for manufacturing and industry, Business Central can:

  • Stay on top of supply levels, predict rises in demand and setup order alerting when stock levels get low.
  • Monitor production capacity throughout your operations and shape demand generation in line with supplies and resources.
  • Record and follow parts and products through production stages and follow long-term performance before and after-sale.
  • Track profitability at every stage of your operations, even accounting for real-time fluctuations in raw material pricing.

Business Central can also integrate with wider manufacturing software, from barcoding to environmental monitoring, giving you the full picture of your operations from one location.

Business Central also supports IoT connectivity, meaning that it can connect to your Wi-Fi enabled devices and machinery to offer even greater data insight and live workflow adjustments.