Supporting collaborative remote engagement with partners and customers

SharePoint portals and extranets provide a secure solution for sharing files and information inside and outside of an organisation. Guaranteeing absolute control over who can access content, portals and extranets are an ideal solution for engaging with external partners and customers.

SharePoint Portals

A SharePoint portal is an excellent way of streamlining service delivery, whether that’s order placement or providing customer support.

SharePoint portals can be the gateway to a variety of other functions – Power Apps for placing orders or logging service requests, libraries of FAQ documents or account information, or a news channel to keep suppliers or partners up to date on product information.

A SharePoint portal is a more efficient way to serve customers and audiences at scale, allowing for greater self-service and – often – faster resolution of issues than customer service agents.

SharePoint Extranets

Similar to an intranet, a SharePoint extranet is an information-sharing and file collaboration solution. Whereas an intranet is designed to perform this predominantly within an organisation, an extranet will allow for select access, information and data to be shared with chosen external individuals and organisations.

A SharePoint extranet is the ideal solution for project management requirements where large numbers of files need to be collaborated on.  An extranet is also a smarter way of sharing sensitive documents compared to emailing or posting, as access to files can be strictly controlled and monitored.

Portal & Extranet Solutions

Discover some of the portal and extranet applications we can devise in SharePoint

SharePoint can be used to provide access to customers’ bills and account details. Easy to manage by account teams, an SharePoint will restrict customer access to their specific documents and alert them when bills are overdue.

Service companies can find value in sharing support documents relevant to their customers’ services via a SharePoint portal or extranet. This can reduce helpdesk enquiries and empower customers with information.

When hiring a new employee, notice periods can mean it’s weeks or months before they actually start at your company. Sharing HR or company information with them before they join can ensure they are aware of work processes before they start and let them hit the ground running.

SharePoint can work as part of a project management solution, allowing project developers and customers to collaborate on planning documents, review project plans or track hours.

Organisations from estate agents to adoption agencies have the requirement to share sensitive information. SharePoint negates the inherent risks of email or the time delay of posting.

Portal and Extranet Development

We configure SharePoint portals to provide advanced access options, and can either act as an ongoing administrator for your business or train your staff to fulfil this role.

SharePoint portals can be configured to ring-fence content, or limit file visibility for those accessing data from outside of an organisation, making it perfect for customer portals. In our consultancy phase, we’ll help determine the level of security needed for your files and establish access matrices for this purpose.

Security guaranteed

Files can also be set to read-only, and downloads blocked to secure information. This makes it a more reliable solution for organisations sharing sensitive documentation than email or post. SharePoint also keeps records of which files have been accessed and edited, when and by whom. This means that external user activity within the extranet can be tracked.

We also don’t compromise in the appearance of our SharePoint portals and extranets, and will ensure any solution is designed to be as visually appealing as a website would be.