What is Power Apps Portals?

Power Apps Portals is a low-code solution for building attractive digital spaces for sharing data, files or information.

Part of Microsoft’s Power Platform portfolio, Portals allows organisations to deploy their solutions within a website-style interface. This can then be made accessible to their partners or customers to allow the secure interaction and exchange of data or resources.

Transform Business Interactions

Microsoft Power Apps Portals can transform the delivery of customer support and service delivery, streamlining activities into wider business systems and processes.

From secure areas for customer services, to partner and supplier areas where orders and deliveries can be tracked, to HR and new employee onboarding solutions, there’s a wide range of possible uses and benefits of a portal.

Portals can be developed as a standalone solution, or function as a powerful business tool when linked to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or another CRM system. And by default portals are mobile-responsive for use on-the-go.

Portal Solutions

Power Apps Portals offers a wide range of customer and partner engagement options including the following:

Securely interact with your customers or partners. Allow them to submit questions, feedback or support requests, and securely view key details about contracts or agreements.

Get a cost-effective, professional vending platform for your goods or services. Use Power Apps Portals to attractively display your products, then process payments with a third-party integrated payment system. Then sync data with Microsoft Dynamics or the Common Data Service to capture order details. Great for online shops or for sales at events.

Enable customer self-service that makes your operations more efficient. Post explanation to commonly asked questions and provide access to documents and downloads that allow your customers or partners to help themselves.

Store key employee documents and host business automation solutions such as expenses forms, mileage submissions and holiday requests that cut down on management requests and unnecessary emails.

Allow customers, partners or staff to book or reserve events, services or resources from a secure platform. Reduce resource conflicts and enable self-service that streamlines booking interactions.

Benefits Of A Power Apps Portal

  • Fast Development – Portal solutions can be made ready in days, not weeks.
  • Professional Appearance – Develop portals that are responsive and attractive appearance similar to a website.
  • Advanced Data Integration – Integrate with Dynamics 365 to feed data into your CRM, ERP or other data store. Alternatively, activities within Portals can trigger actions in a range of third party applications with Power Automate.
  • Easy To Manage – Once built, content can be updated and new resources uploaded with ease by administrators.
  • Secure Engagement – Data exchanged with customers or partners remains secure within the Portal and connected platforms and can be controlled through reliable authentication methods.

Power Apps Portal Development

Akita develops Power Platform solutions to serve a variety of customer and partner engagement requirements.

As an experienced Power Apps creator, we’re able to leverage our experience of developing integrated solutions that make a difference in the real world into Portals, helping organisations to make significant efficiency gains.