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Microsoft Power Apps is a market-leading, low-code app solution for developing professional apps and eforms. Functioning on a wide range of mobile devices, they have the potential to enhance business processes, streamline task and drive new working efficiencies.

As a recognised Microsoft Power Apps partner and established developer, Akita creates custom and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our solutions are delivering new operating efficiencies at every level, driving workplace transformation and increasing the competitiveness of our customers.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Power Apps is Microsoft’s solution for the fast and cost-effective creation of custom mobile applications and electronic forms (eforms). Apps can be tailored to simplify and improving common work processes, boosting staff productivity in turn.

They can work as a standalone solution linked to any data source, or be combined with applications such as Dynamics 365 and SharePoint to unlock advanced functionality and process automation.

Using your data to power your apps, the possible applications are limitless.

Benefits of Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps simplifies the design and creation of apps. The benefits of working with the platform include:

  • Flexibility – Apps and eforms will run on a variety of devices including phones, tablets and PCs.
  • Customisation – Apps can be designed to organisational specifications, including incorporating company branding and styling.
  • Fast development – Without the need for extensive custom coding, apps can be designed quickly, in turn reducing costs.
  • On & offline – Can work with or without an internet connection. App data will then sync once a connection is established.
  • Cost-effective & secure – Much cheaper than other custom-coded apps, and safer to integrate with your sensitive data.

Powerful when linked to SharePoint, Dynamics 365 or Common Data Service, Power Apps can operate as standalone solutions or run from a variety of other data sources.

Power Apps Development

As an experienced developer, we can deliver bespoke app and eform solutions that meet your organisation’s needs. If you’ve got an idea of the app or reform that you need, we can make it happen.

We’ll start by reviewing the way your organisation works. We’ll then design and create a solution that meets your requirements and is styled to your organisation’s branding.

We can then sync between your solution and your chosen data source, even transferring this into the cloud to increase the flexibility of use.

All apps are then carefully tested to ensure that they not only work as intended but will work effortlessly in the field.

Power Apps Solutions

Discover some of the Power Apps we’ve created to date, all of which can be purchased for your organisation

Power Apps is the perfect solution for building mobile electronic forms for job completion.

From policy management to logging expenses, our business process apps cut through bureaucracy and save you time.

A fault logging and resolution tracking app that’s increased working flexibility for a highways maintenance company.

Keep track of stock items with an inexpensive stock management solution. Auto-generate labels and scan items in and out of your stock areas with full tracking.

An app to standardise the process of evaluating goods for purchase. Ideal for the automotive sector.

As a Tier 1 CSP partner, Akita can supply Power Platform licensing at the same cost of buying directly from Microsoft.