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Digital Transformation
For Charities

Intellico is the ideal digital partner for those operating in the charity sector. Our work with organisations from all industries – including charities and non-profits – means we’re experienced in delivering digital solutions that get results. And as a Microsoft partner, we’re able to provide Microsoft products to charity and non-profit organisations at a significantly discounted rate.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Charities

With Dynamics 365, we help charitable organisations improve the efficiency of tasks ranging from marketing to donor databases to running organisations’ finances. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions also help with wider operational improvements and intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to help organisations to undertake common tasks such as:

  • Simplify resource management and staff rotas with automated diaries and approval systems.
  • Manage member lists, beneficiaries and event attendees.
  • Track fundraising campaigns and communications across all channels.
  • Manage accounts accurately based on real-time fundraising information.
  • Improve the management of premises or shops, report issues and track resolution progress.

All of these solutions can help to free up valuable time for your staff and improve the overall effectiveness of your efforts.

Microsoft has now made grants available so that qualifying non-profit organisations can receive Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise free for up to 5 users and discounted pricing on licensing for users thereafter. 

Non-Profit Accelerator

Charities and non-profit organisations with registered status can access Microsoft’s nonprofit accelerator.

This allows these organisations to receive access to template Dynamics 365 functionality commonly used in the sector such as fundraising, awards, program delivery and so on.

Functionality can then be added free of charge to a charity’s Dynamics 365 tenant, saving organisations significant amounts on the cost of developing customised Dynamics 365 instances.

SharePoint Online

SharePoint offers a wide range of benefits for charities, and many will already have access to it via their Office 365 licences.

SharePoint Online provides organisations with 1TB of storage at no extra cost, making it the ideal cloud file storage solution. Users can access, edit and collaborate on files from within SharePoint, with access and versioning control.

Should SharePoint become the central focus of a charity’s working life, it can also become an ideal communication hub. Organisation-wide news and department information can be hosted on main and subpages within SharePoint Online and accessed as an when the user is working – an ideal way to share updates in charities where staff work in shifts.

Microsoft Teams

Teams has transformed how organisations communicate, and can support everything from internal departmental communication to outbound calling.

Teams is also the ideal platform for easy video calling and conferencing, meaning that charities can get face-to-face contact with those they support with ease should they need to.

And Teams can link to SharePoint Online, making it an ideal platform for field workers to access crucial documentation on the go.